Remedy DnB – NYC Tuesday August 7th 2012

Live simply so that YOU may simply Live. In Our world we get so lost… We venture out into Life… Distracted by elements that feed not what We truly need, but what We think We want… We become overwhelmed in the snow ball and find ourselves old… But that’s not what Life is about… When we Simplify Our lives and minimize Our wants… We find We can work less and play more… This is Our Youth… Our most precious time… We need to Learn to Enjoy what We Love most… We need to be free, need to laugh, love, & grow,… We n

eed to relax… 
Our body’s rhythm, Our Energy, Our movements are Our own special language… Our way to release… When We take in the music and feel the pulse of the drums become Our own, when We Dance… We reach a state of happiness… That even just for that moment… We are content… And it’s moments like these that We need to chase… It’s these moments that set us free… 
Let Us Be Blessed with Music & Dance…
Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

Overfiend ( / BassdriveTunes)
Anthony Granata (Deeper Visions Recordings, Champion Sound)
Ted Ganung (Dub & Bass/Phuzion DIgital)
T.R.A.C (B.B.E., Konkrete Jungle, Telluric Recordings)

Special Thank You To: 
♥ Danielle ♥
& VJ Mamiko (Quality Visuals) 

The National Underground
159 E. Houston @ 1st Ave
21+ with ID, 11pm to 3:30am
$5 All night!!

(Some of the proceeds will be sent 
to a Pit Bull Rescue and Rehab)
~ ♥ ~


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