About Jay

defending the world from damnation one toaster at a time

hmmm… He’s an Artist, Art Director, Graphic Artist / Designer, Toy Designer and a Web Design monkey. He’s been in a few mags, was rated one of the top 5 event flyer/poster designers in North America, I’ve won some awards and I’ve stolen a bunch (shhhhh..) ..I’ve done work for Run DMC, Camel Cigarettes, DKNY, Heineken, Caffeine Clothing, Rocawear, Time Inc., NY Jets, National MS Society, The Clinton Foundation, UMF (ULTRA), World Indoor Soccer League, Slipknot, The PBR, Rolling Stone, Atkins, to name a few.. Just moved to the White Chapel area of London and going to grad school at University of the Arts London. He’s a huge slacker, He’s infatuated with pancakes..He loves getting presents like a 5 year old on xmas, even the smallest ones.. you can see more of his work at www.jayclue.com hmm what else….He’s a buddhist.. He’s into bikes, ink, music, graffiti and robbing candy from small children… 

“..I’ve got a book of matches, I’ve got a can of kerosene, I’ve got some bad ideas..involving you and me..”

Check out www.nicebunny.com paper toys to download my newest paper creation The Schmunkee!! It’s a free download, so spread the love!


E1 London, United Kingdom
Screen Names
ooclueoo(Yahoo! Messenger)
London College of Communication, Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale
Facebook http://facebook.com/jayclue


About armyofskulls

A.O.S. --- > BLOGGING ABOUT MUSIC + LIFE + ART FROM NEW ENGLAND AND BEYOND! WORLDWIDE FOLLOWING IS GROWING! A special Thank You going out to all our readers supporting us!!

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