Compassion is found when the purest form of Love and Respect are ever so present… It leads us to get over ourselves, let go of the oh so damaging ego… We see things not from above, nor far removed… We are not better than anyone… We all strive for happiness; We all yearn for Love and acceptance… We all just want to be free… When we stop for a moment and consider this… We realize just how hurtful We can be, the things We say… But Compassion goes deeper… It means letting go… It means humbly accepting what another needs, rather than placing emphasis on Your own… Compassion means Loving in the purest form…
Compassion is an essential element in creating any communal energy flow… We find a common ground on which we establish the bond… It’s not surprising then, that with the sounds of majestic music We Unite… We Dance & find our release… When we look up at who’s Dancing beside Us… We see… That person is just like me… It’s when We look around and just for moment try to feel another’s rhythm, We get to know them just a bit deeper than We did before…
Let Us Unite, find Peace, feel Love, embrace compassion, & Dance…
Tuesday, August 14th, 2012
Place 42 (Telluric Recordings)
Raw Q (Intrigue Music, UK, Natural Selection, Driven AM)
Beatchemist ( Influenza Media | Liquid Brilliants | Offworld )
TankTop (Direct Drive | Natural Selection | Fat Buddha | NYC)
T.R.A.C (B.B.E., Konkrete Jungle, Telluric Recordings)
Special Thank You To:
♥ Danielle ♥
& VJ Mamiko (Quality Visuals)

The National Underground
159 E. Houston @ 1st Ave
21+ with ID, 11pm to 3am
$5 All night!!

(Some of the proceeds will be sent
to a Pit Bull Rescue and Rehab)
~ ♥ ~

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