*Featuring promotional support from Threshold Sound, LTD Unlimited, Rareform Events, Spun Arts and Apparel, Columns Of Knowledge, True Productions,, Keep On Smilen, How’s Ya Mom Productions, Forbidden Bass Crew and Respect Los Angeles*

MACHETE began his musical career back in 1992 as DJ Rob G, 
playing Hip-Hop at infamous afterhours events such as No-Doz, What?, and Caffiend. 
The Los Angeles underground rave culture grew to be a motivating force and Rob became inspired by the burgeoning techno-breakbeat music emerging out of England via vinyl records played by DJs Raw, Curious, and Oscar da Grouch. 
These bass-heavy beats that evolved from Old-School breaks layered with Hip-Hop and Reggae samples were intriguing and pulled him in a new direction.

Around 1994 Rob decided to change his professional name to Machete to better evoke the nature of his mixing and cutting skills in relation to this new jungle music. 
As DJ Machete, Rob began putting Junglist Platoon on the map by getting booked at nearly every jungle event in the Greater Los Angeles area while also building a network of contacts that would eventually lead to bookings at events outside of California. 
Machete has also showcased his skills in Hawaii, Vancouver, and in numerous cities and states across the continental US including New York, Miami, Chicago, Texas, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and many more. He made history as one of the first Jungle/DnB DJs flown to perform in Anchorage-Alaska, alongside San Francisco’s Sage, and has been fortunate to play on the same bills alongside nearly every major heavyweight in the Drum and Bass scene. 
Machete was also a featured artist on various dates of the now infamous Kung Fu Knowledge Tour in 1999.

In March of 1999, the Junglist Platoon started a weekly event called RESPECT 
with Machete in charge of talent bookings as well as being a resident DJ and head of promotions. 
In March of 2000, after only a year’s worth or promoting experience, Machete organized a RESPECT event at the Winter Music Conference in Miami which successfully placed the RESPECT brand at the forefront of Los Angeles Drum and Bass. 
After 12+ years, RESPECT is the longest running Jungle/Drum and Bass weekly in Los Angeles in addition to being one of the most successful clubs in the United States. RESPECT is globally known for bringing the best in international and stateside talent and continues to do so after settling into it’s fifth and most current venue, The Dragonfly in Hollywood.

In 2012 Machete is busier than ever, hosting a weekly internet show called Respect DnB Radio on, booking Drum & Bass tours in North America as an agent of Circle Talent (, 
and engaging projects proving his versatility as an artist and businessman. 
DJ Machete’s longevity speaks for his talents, dedication, and determination which has surely solidified his place in the world music scene.

One of the masterminds behind Elemental Compounds, Miztah Lex’s track record goes on for miles. Not only has he played every major Drum & Bass night in the cities of Boston and LA (a huge accomplishment) but is one of the few BostonDnB DJ’s who is frequently playing raves and clubs, & hip-hop, reggae, dnb, jungle & ragga events all over the country. He has been making a huge impact on audiences nation wide since 1998 starting in Boston, (graduating the school of hard knocks) then navigating through-out New-England, onto New York City and since then it’s been history. Playing in places like Chicago, The Bay Area, San Diego, Florida, Utah, Los Angeles, Upstate NY, LBC, Maine, CT, NH, RI, MA, Orange County, Washington DC, Baltimore, Miami and beyond!! Armed with a crate full of all the hottest Jungle/DnB/DubStep tunes & sets that include hard to find jams and Hip-Hop classics, his Hip-Hop background comes through in his rugged mixing style. Miztah Lex has consistently hosted events since 2001 along with his fellow crew mates in Elemental Compounds and the various other crews he is a 100% crew member of.
2004 saw the rise of C&E RECORDS & ETC Recs which merged with Dub Chamber Records in 2010 to form Sub Chamber Records USA!Now moved home from West Coast Miztah Lex is back on the Effect The Cause Records tings and Cause and Effect Records for the jungle and repping for 10+ crews stateside in 2012. 



Redshift has been a DJ for 10 years, He’s a Redhead and he don’t take requests! He helps run this drum n bass & DubStep shit up in New England, so dont test if you know whats good for you! You probably don’t like him! Thats ok though cuz he probably don’t like you either! He hasn’t changed alot over the last ten years, from one extreme to the next. He is finally starting to level off. Redshift has been extremely wealthy and has been back to being average. He’s been a college student, a waiter, a bus driver, a interstate truck driver, a participant in the underground & a DJ. Redshift still DJ’s, the rest the man called DJ Redshift has gave up to pursue a career in the music industry. You can catch Redshift and the LTD UNLIMITED CREW in Western MA hosting a whole slew of events, including their ongoing bass music party for the Drum and Bass massive… “FLUID”
DJ Redshift has been the brains behind many low frequency, high energy events in New England, nationally and internationally as a performer, promoter or event producer since 2001. Redshift ran a weekly DNB event in Western Massachusetts for 5+ years, currently he is working on his new production company LIVING THE DREAM UNLIMITED. Redshift has performed cities nationally and internationally such as Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Istanbul, LA, Miami, NYC, LA at events such as Beltek, Camp Bisco, Bella Terra, Camouflage, Elements, Konkrete, Respect, Rock N Roll Resort, WMC sharing the stage with acts such as A-Side, Bassnectar, DB, Goldie, Klute, Markey, Planet of the Drums, Soulslinger, Teebee and countless others. Get ready for a night of body rocking dub plates and dancefloor rocker complimented with a dash of debauchery!

**TOM B ILL** (High Decibel CT/Awake Prod./MONSTAMIND/EC ARMY)

2x Technics SL-1200MK2 Turntables, 1x Rane TTM56 Mixer, Serato, his heart and mind. Tom B. Ill bleeds beats and Piss scratches.
Tom has been a vital asset in the CT music scene for years above and underground. Through out New England he has been performing and helping spread the word of good music for years. He is a member of the Infamous Elemental Compounds Crew US and has DJ’d frequently for years. Expect nothing but the hottest tracks and cuts scratches and blends from Tom B. Ill..

Mizeyesis is co-Founder of Threshold Sound, and hosts a top notch bi-weekly show “The Aural Report” on, an international internet based radio station based out of The Netherlands. She also is a curator & content manager for jungle & DNB at Satellite Records and is also apart of Zulu Nation, DNBC, Missed The Exit Again, NERU, Basscamp Recordings and other prestigious groups and organizations dedicated to spreading the love & awareness of Electronic Dance Music in the Northeast.

As her whole life she was engulfed in expression from dance, to art, to music, she plays a number of styles & genres of electronic dance music such as Drum & Bass, Jungle, House, Garage, Dubstep and Rare groove & Dub Reggae. She has performed at many festivals such as The Winter Music Conference, Beltek, 51Basscamp, high profile tours & shows such as DubNation; has performed at Konkrete Jungle, Elements, Direct Drive, Natural Selection, and many other jungle/dnb nights and has performed/toured/opened for many high profile performers in the EDM realm. She also works with local communities and regularly performs at charity events and community awareness events if not participating on other levels herself. One thing is for sure, you will be entertained and enlightened as this supreme selector has a curious knack for lifting spirits with a selection of music from the past, present and future.

Rubix has been a cornerstone of the Boston Drum & Bass scene for over a decade, recruited into the infamous crew Elemental Compounds by local legend Mr. Lex in the early months of 2000. Since those early days he has played at and promoted for countless events around the New England Area. Some of these events include: Elements, the second longest running DnB night in the US, The Maine Electronic Music Festival, Wrecking Ball and Stranger than Fiction as well as his monthly residence at Submerged in Portland, Maine. Rubix now plays for several well-known production crews including RareForm, LTD Unlimited, and East Coast Underground.

The musical mission of Rubix is to walk the razors edge of upfront drum and bass, while reminding you of where we come from as junglists with his firm grasp on the classics. If you are into DnB selected and mixed with only the skill a true veteran can bring to the decks you should definitely not miss out on this Boston champion!

LAURA ILLUX is known for on point track selection, tight mixing, & genre-jumping flexibility. She has been working dance floors since the turn of the millennium, from her native New England to Philly, Detroit, and Dallas, as far as Barcelona & Amsterdam. Now based in Brooklyn, her focus has shifted to production, but she continues to rock dance floors, spinning House, Techno, Minimal, bass-heavy Anti-genre sets, & the occasional all-vinyl Drum n Bass performance. Allied with Intermission Ltd. record label & Satellite Records online music store, she divides her time & efforts between studio work, live DJ performances, & supporting her community & the music she loves through her weekly after-hours internet radio show. Broadcast by Brooklyn-based We Take No Requests Radio, her show ranges from bass music to house, minimal, techno & deep tech, featuring guest DJs/EDM producers & providing artist, release & event info to an international audience. 

Those who have seen Ron Classic rock a party, know. Those who haven’t, need to re-evaluate their lives in a major way! Ron will rock any dance floor, with any crowd, with any type of music. Getting his start as an MC for the Drum & Bass group, The Collective. He wrecked shop rhyming at venues from The Asylum in Springfield, Mass to The Collective’s weekly at The Blues Cafe in New Haven, CT. For most DJ’s, it would be struggle crossing genres. Ron Classic had the good fortune of learning to spin from some of Connecticut’s finest selectors such as, MixxxmastEr DJ SciEncE, who happens to be his partner in crime, and a staple in CT’s Music scene since the early 90’s. DJ Unique, one of CT’s premier Turntablists and showmen. DJ B-Spaz, a legend in CT’s Jungle and Drum & Bass Scene, just to name a few. Truly, Ron Classic, is not only a legend in his own right, but an up and coming force in the Tri-State areas music scene. Having produced many tracks on his own,with a sound that is uniquely his. Now teamed up with Missed the Exit Again and M.O.S.A., and Showcase Records. Ron Classic, along with this trifecta of talented and legendary proportions are the catalyst to the rebirth of an entire culture long forgotten. Be on the lookout, for Ron Classic, he will change the way you listen to and feel music for years to come!!!

BeatJunkie is a new school DJ with an old school mentality. Know mostly for being a vinyl purist, she engages audiences with big bass, and beautiful melodies. Growing up in the New England underground, she is on a mission to make people fall in love with the music the way she did. BeatJunkie tells a story with her sounds, one straight from the heart that echoes her soul straight out of the speakers.

Born and raised an east coast Hip-Hop head, Sample was introduced to Electronica at a young age. Having always had a passion for the art of mixing and leveling, he spent much of his time listening to professional DJs and artist put out audio adventures. It wasn’t until 2005, after moving to Arizona, that Sample was introduced to the World of Drum and Bass. After moving back east, he found a huge gap in his life: No Drum and Bass. With the combination of the digital era and his musical sense, C decided to join The Few- The Proud- The Men and Women of Bass to try to bring the much needed vibe back to the surface. It’s a beautifully intense party when C-Sample is in control




$5 cover to enter
21+ to drink
Government Issued Photo ID required





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